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my favourite crossover

my favourite crossover


Date Me, I’m Sick of Being Single.

An autobiography by Me


you want to be an “ally”? ok, good for you. but simply not hating us, or saying “go you!” while waving a tiny rainbow flag in our face is NOT how you’re going to be celebrated. ok, thanks, good for you, you’re not fucking human garbage. thanks, really! the more the merrier. be a fucking statistic. 

this isn’t fucking kindergarten and nobody is going to give you a gold star for doing what you’re supposed to do and being nice. 

want to piss us off? let us hear you say the “A” stands for “Allies”. let us see you erase entire swathes of our family. let us see you expecting to be admired and praised and held on a pedestal for not hating us. let us hear you say “but we’re not all like that!” do it. we’re pissed.

if you want us to celebrate you, if you REALLY want to be an ally, support us and love us. not yourself. march for us, write letters for us, vote to aid us in gaining the rights we deserve. stand up for us when you’re alone and there are none of us to fight back for ourselves. do what you can to help us and eradicate bigotry and ignorance.

but don’t. fucking. brag. don’t try to speak for us when we have found our own voice. DO NOT give yourself a fucking false sense of importance and irreplaceable valiance. be a silent supporter of our movement and don’t ever. EVER. try to include yourself in our struggle and act like you’ve ever been persecuted the way we have. 

we are not going to stroke your ego and croon at you about how vital you are and how much we would just be crippled without your existence. 

just be a fucking human being because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’re a special goddamn snowflake who’s so misunderstood and hated for simply not being a literal piece of garbage.

if you’re eating dinner with your family, and your father says that he hates gay people, stand up to him. thank you, sincerely. however, if you’re in a support group/rally/club/whatever, made by us, for us, don’t try to insert yourself into our struggle. 

remember, the “A” is not for “Allies.”

we got this.


I carved a vry graphic n disturbing pumpkin


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This was the second main assignment in my Concepts class. For the project our group made a teepee. We set the teepee outside the classroom and put a cloth down for people to sit on when they went into the teepee. We had black markers and asked everyone to draw whatever they wanted to…

well fuck me, ain’t this some shit, white people using a First Nations item to be heard, meanwhile, our people have been silenced for hundreds of years and forced to live in square structures called houses, life must be fuckin’ tough for the oppressed white folk

I’m ‘totes’ adorable. #punny #baiiiiiii #menswear #ootd

I’m ‘totes’ adorable. #punny #baiiiiiii #menswear #ootd

http://witching-goat.tumblr.com/post/100279012153/theracismrepellent-my-heart-breaks-over-the »


My heart breaks over the news of the discovery of Misty Upham’s body.

She was an actress, and the police still did NOTHING to help find her.

This is why we need intersectional feminism. I don’t see any white feminists out here crying over these murdered indigenous…


this is full of surprises

"this is the kind of guy I am. What can I say?"

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If a post about or tagged #MMIW comes up on your dash, you had better reblog it. It is vitally important that the word is spread in the search for these Native women and children, but also that the public, especially the non-Native public, be made aware of the ongoing genocide…

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